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OUR BETTER ANGELS (After Haring) paper collage 17.25 x 17.25 inches framed

Why are we so quick to judge others based on thin information and faulty stereotypes? Why do we limit what we see in people and not appreciate their full complexity? For Vancouver artist Tiko Kerr, the ongoing refugee crisis and the current political conversation surrounding racial and religious identity has prompted him to creatively consider the way we look at the body and how it is encoded with meanings that are more artfully complex than first thought. Body Language brings together an intriguing collection of papercut collages and large acrylic canvases that engage our culturally biased systems of perception. Colourful and investing with layers of meaning, the collection of images explores our visual assumptions about identity - how we decide that the shrouded figure is a terrorist, the hooded kid a dangerous offender, or even that two men embracing are merely friends. We tend to see what we want to see - but Kerr challenges the viewer to see more.
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