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VENUS WAITING FOR THE GREEN FLASH (After Warhol) paper collage 20 x 20 inches matted and framed

"As this is Vancouver’s Pride week, I’m grateful to be living in a country where as a gay man I’m truly accepted as an equal. However the fight for acceptance has been long and bitter. It was triggered in the 1980’s by brave men and women who possessed a determined sense of justice. Andy Warhol was one such artist who threw open the closet doors of gay identity by using his guile and guts. He created spectacular work that explores how the myths of feminine and male beauty have been absorbed and celebrated by popular culture.

These paper-cuts of mine are an homage to the heroic Warhols, Harings, Mapplethorpes and Hockneys of the world of artistic expression. They provide me a deep forever flowing pool of inspiration.”

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